Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA)

JRTCA YearbookThe purpose of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) is to preserve the versatility, working ability, unique character, and physical and mental soundness of the Jack Russell Terrier, to protect the terrier through the JRTCA’s principles, unique registration process, and ongoing educational efforts and to maintain the working heritage of the Jack Russell Terrier.

JRTCA Yearbook

The JRTCA Yearbook contains JRTCA sanctioned trial results, a Gallery of Champions, Bronze Medallion and Working Achievement Award recipients.

JRTCA Sanctioned Trial Results

Conformation - JRTCA Yearbook

2018 Trials Results (archive)
2017 Trials Results (archive)
2016 Trials Results (archive)

Gallery of Champions

Trials provide an opportunity for Jack Russell Terrier owners to get to know each other, get together with terrier friends and in general have a good time with their terriers. They also provide the necessary opportunity to see breeding stock from around the country. This interaction between fellow breeders, as well as between breeders and other JRT enthusiasts, fosters continued improvement in the breeding of quality terriers.  View photos of 2019 Conformation Champions and 2019 Performance Champions from JRTCA terrier trials.

Bronze Medallions

Bronze Medallions - JRTCA YearbookThe JRTCA gives special honor to those Jack Russell Terriers and their owners who have earned three (or more) Natural Hunting Certificates Below Ground to different quarry.

These top terriers and their owners are honored in the club newsletter, True Grit, and also are awarded the JRTCA Bronze Working Terrier Medallion for Special Merit in the Field.

Working Achievement Awards

Working Achievement Awards - JRTCA YearbookTo earn a Working Achievement Award for Continued Field Service, the Terrier must earn 6 certificates over multiple years. These 6 certificates can be to one or all of the JRTCA approved quarry. At least one of the 6 certificates has to be earned after the Terrier is 6 years old. Certificates earned for a Bronze Medallion will count toward the Working Achievement Award.