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2020 Trial Results Archive

Below listed by date are the JRTCA 2020 Sanctioned Trial Results that have been submitted by the Trial Chairs. The Chairs have 45 days post trial to submit their results. If you find errors in the results please contact the TRIAL CHAIRPERSON and not the JRTCA to have the results corrected. This includes typos, wrong results, missing classes, etc.

2020 JRTCA Sanctioned Trial Results

The JRTCA sanctions trials throughout the U.S. to ensure a fair and standardized competition and the safety of exhibitors and terriers. These rules have been established over many years, with the input of many people, both Trial Chairpersons and exhibitors alike. They are designed to ensure the integrity and consistency of sanctioned trials.

It is in the best interest of the terriers, exhibitors and trial organizers that these rules be followed. The rule book was designed to assist JRTCA members to better understand what to expect at a sanctioned trial and the rules governing the actual running of the trial. It is an attempt to enable every trial to run smoothly and be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Archived Results (2019 and before)

The archived 2015 and prior links require membership login on the JRTCA Members Only web site.