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Class of 2018

Yuletide II

Yuletide II Enigma, GA ~ 12/2/2018 Chaired by: Shawn Thomas Judges: Janon Frei, Conformation; Kym Davis, Go-to-Ground

Yuletide I

Yuletide I Enigma, GA ~ 12/1/2018 Chaired by: John Tyno Judges: Joan Crouse, Conformation; Bonita Knickmeyer, Go-to-Ground

Carolinas Autumn Fest II

Carolinas Autumn Fest II Dallas, NC ~ September 23, 2018 Chaired by: Carolinas JRTC Administrators: Bud Moomau/Marina Sauer Judges: Charlene Schlueter, Conformation; Chet Atkins, Go-to-Ground