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Class of 2016

Yuletide II

Yuletide II Enigma, Georgia ~ December 4, 2016 Chaired by: Shawn Thomas Judges: Sandy Brown, Conformation; Jim Eslinger/Kasey Eslinger, Go-to-Ground

Yuletide I

Yuletide I Enigma, Georgia ~ December 3, 2016 Chaired by: John Tyno Judges: John Broadhurst, Conformation; Jim Eslinger/Kasey Eslinger, Go-to-Ground

SWJRTN Fall Festival II

SWJRTN Fall Festival II Sulphur Springs, Texas ~ November 13, 2016 Chaired by: SWJRTN Administrator: Sonya Baskette Co-Administrator: Karen Toombs Judges: Shirley Buist, Conformation; Tressie Roark, Go-to-Ground

SWJRTN Fall Festival I

SWJRTN Fall Festival I Sulphur Springs, Texas ~ November 12, 2016 Chaired by: SWJRTN Administrator: Karen Toombs Co-Administrator: Sonya Baskette Judges: Brent Hopkins, Conformation; Debra West, Go-to-Ground

Carolinas Autumn Fest I

Carolinas Autumn Fest I Dallas, North Carolina ~ September 24, 2016 Chaired by: Carolinas JRTC Administrator: Bud Moomau Co-Administrator: David Keener Judges: Brent Hopkins, Conformation; Marina Sauer, Go-to-Ground